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3 April 2023

Breakdown cover for your campervan or motorhome is just a phone call away if you’re insured with Just Kampers Insurance.

Whether you’re heading to a show in your VW T2 Splitscreen, or setting off on an epic camping adventure in a modern motorhome, you’ll always wonder ‘what happens if I break down?’.

It’s a nagging worry we’ve all experienced in our campers, so we’ve put together our Camper Breakdown Cover package as an optional extra for insurance policies.

What does Camper Breakdown Cover include?

If you’ve added breakdown cover to the insurance policy for your campervan or motorhome, you can hit the road knowing we’ve got you covered.

You’ll get roadside assistance, recovery, and home-start in the UK and Europe, with a network of 1,800 recovery specialists, so there’ll always be someone to help you.

Our Camper Breakdown Cover helpline operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can always reach out for help, no matter where or when you need us.

Camper Breakdown Cover from Just Kampers Insurance covers the vehicle itself, not just the person who took out the insurance policy, which means you don’t have to be with the vehicle to recover it. This is different to a lot of other breakdown cover policies, which could leave your friends or family stranded if they’re borrowing your motorhome or camper.

How much does Camper Breakdown Cover cost?

Prices for our Camper Breakdown Cover start at just £90 a year, which is about 25p per day – a small price to pay for knowing that if the worst should happen, help will be with you and your campervan anytime, anywhere.

We also offer breakdown cover for cars starting at £42 per year, and vans from £47 per year. No one should be worried about getting stranded on the roadside or stressed out because they can’t get their vehicle to start in the morning, which is why we’ve worked so hard to offer excellent breakdown cover at really affordable prices.

How do I add Camper Breakdown Cover to my insurance policy?

It’s quick and easy to get Campervan Breakdown Cover added to your insurance policy if you’re taking out a new plan with Just Kampers Insurance or renewing an existing one.

Just ask our team of friendly experts while you’re on the phone to them, and they’ll talk you through how much it will cost to add it to your vehicle insurance policy.

Alternatively, you can get Camper Breakdown Cover as a standalone service from Just Kampers Insurance, if you just want to take advantage of the great price, but your vehicle is already insured elsewhere.

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How much could Just Kampers Insurance’s Camper Breakdown Cover save me?

Our Campervan Breakdown Cover starts from just £90 per year for a camper or motorhome, which works out to about 25p a day.

If you don’t already have breakdown cover, it can cost you £65 or more to hire a recovery vehicle, which rises to £75 or more after 6pm and on weekends. On bank holidays, it’s even more expensive, with the cost being £80 to £100.

Considering a lot of people use their campers most at weekends and bank holidays, the price of getting Camper Breakdown Cover for a year could be less than hiring one recovery vehicle.

You can also be charged around £1.50 per mile by the garage which is recovering you, which you won’t have to worry about if you’ve got Camper Breakdown Cover.

We want people to feel empowered to get out there and enjoy their campers, whether they’ve got a classic VW or a modern campervan conversion, so we’ve designed our Camper Breakdown Cover to be affordable and cover any eventuality, at any time, on any day, in any location. It’s just one less thing to think about before you head off on an adventure!

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Want to know more?

If you want to know more about getting Campervan Breakdown cover for your vehicle, get in touch with our Just Kampers Insurance team. Give us a call on 01256 444546 or click here to contact us.

Written by: Jason Sims

Jason is a Marketing Executive at Just Kampers who is a fully-fledged VW enthusiast, with over 20 years’ experience in keeping Volkswagens old and new on the road, he currently owns a 69 Cal Look Beetle, and enjoys attending VW shows and Camping with friends and family.

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