VW Classic Golf Car Insurance

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Volkswagen Classic Golf 1975 to 1997 Insurance

We can arrange the right cover for you and your classic VW. It could be any one of the classic Volkswagen Golf models, which were made between 1975 and 1997. We have the right policy for you.

VW MK1 Golf insurance policies with Just Kampers are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the driver. This means we can arrange suitable cover whether you use your vehicle sporadically for trips around Europe, take it to the occasional VW show, or use it daily. We will offer you a great deal on your policy whether your VW Golf is a MK1, MK2 or MK3.

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VW MK1 Golf Insurance:

Introduced back in 1974, the Volkswagen Mark 1 Golf was this car that caused the real growth of the hatchback market. This model was so popular, the Mk1-based convertible continued to be produced even after the Mark 2 was introduced. At Just Kampers we specialise in VW insurance and can provide classic car insurance for the mk1 Golf with discounts applied for low mileage and modification. We can also provide an agreed value so that the true value is represented if you have recently restored or upgraded.

VW MK2 Golf Insurance:

In 1983 The VW Golf Mk2 was available as a 3-door and 5-door hatchback. The 2-door and 4-door sedan variants of the Golf MK2 were marketed under the Volkswagen Jetta name. No cabriolet version was developed from the Mk2. The GTI model existed from 1985–1987, and again from 1990–1992, and the GTI 16v existed from 1987–1992.

Over the course of the years, a host of “limited edition” models appeared on various markets, distinguished by cosmetic changes and/or an enriched features list. Generally, these were option packages on top of a base “model” (CL, GL, etc.). At Just Kampers Insurance, we specialise in VW vehicles and campers, if you are looking to insure your Classic Golf we can provide a tailored policy to cater your car insurance needs.

VW MK3 Golf Insurance:

In 1991, the Golf mark 3 was introduced and up to 1997, these models are included as part of our classic car insurance. This means you can gain your VW Golf mk3 insurance cover from Just Kampers especially for so that your Classic golf is fully insured with modification cover and our unbeatable price promise plus our JK part discount.

Modified Classic VW Golf Insurance

It can be hard to find the right, quality insurance cover for your Classic VW Golf, let alone if it’s seen various modification works. Thankfully, as experts in the industry, we know what it takes to make sure all your needs are met. Make sure you don’t need to compromise on price or on level of cover for your modified Classic Golf.

Here are a few examples of some of the modifications we cover:

  • Engine performance modifications
  • Fitting of later / more powerful engines
  • Suspension changes
  • Non-standard paintwork
  • Interior modifications
  • Non-standard alloy wheels

Pamper Your Classic VW Golf With a Tailored Policy

We offer insurance policies that take the little things into account. You’ll get access to the standard perks of an insurance certificate, but with a few handy extras. Feel confident with cover that helps you go the extra mile.

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Price Promise

Why compromise on insuring your precious vehicle when we’ll give you a £50 gift card if we are not the cheapest?**

** Terms & Conditions apply.

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JK Parts Discount

Insure your vehicle with us and we’ll give you a 10% discount on parts & accessories for every order* you place with us for the duration of your policy.

*Exclusions Apply

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Limited Mileage Discount

Our limited mileage discounts can reduce premiums by up to 50% due to the lower risk these represent!

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VW Classic Golf Insurance FAQs

Why do I need an Agreed Value benefit from Just Kampers Insurance?

Agreed Value policies are preferred by many because they guarantee the value of your vehicle from the outset. This means if you’re involved in an incident that causes expensive damage, your vehicle is declared a write-off, or it’s lost or stolen, the pre-determined value is what will be paid out. There will be no nasty surprises.

This kind of policy is also helpful if you have carried out restorations or upgrades to your Classic VW Golf. It will help make sure you get the true value of your vehicle, including its upgrades, rather than the listed market price when you need to claim.

What does Just Kampers Insurance legal protection include?

Legal protection is included in all of our policies automatically. It applies when you have been in an incident that was not your fault, in either the UK or Europe. Protection includes:

  • Up to £100,000 to cover repairs, hire costs, and legal expenses
    Legal advice to claim for losses not covered by your original insurance
    Assistance claiming compensation for injury and losses, for the driver and passengers
  • Like for like vehicle replacement to keep you mobile, wherever possible
  • Access to helplines

Talk to our team about our legal expenses cover on 01256 444546 if you have further questions.

What Classic VW Golfs do you cover?

At Just Kampers Insurance we arrange insurance cover for all variants of VW MK1,MK2 & MK3 Golfs.