Modifications Cover

Finding beneficial insurance fit for a modified camper or VW classic at a reasonable price is no easy feat. Bespoke policies are seemingly the best fit for those with modified campers or cars. Your vehicle is unique, so why shouldn’t its protection be that way too?

All too common, modified car or camper van insurance leads to a compromise on either price, level of cover, or the overall quality of the insurance. Modification and conversions alike can affect the kinds of cover accessible to your camper. As every policy is different, it’s always worth understanding the benefits of your cover before heading out on the road.

What is Modified Cover?

A policy with modifications will include details about your protection that makes note of any existing modifications on the vehicle which might alter its performance, looks, functionality and marketplace value. It’s important to ensure your policy accurately captures the whole value of your camper, car or van. Modified insurance applies to either private or commercial use.

You‘ll need to declare modifications in your insurance application if you own a…

  • Converted campervan
  • Modified car
  • Day van with any mods
  • Self-build motorhome

Why Get Insurance for your Campervan or Car’s Modifications?

Any undeclared modifications or alterations to your vehicle will be illegible in the scenario of misfortune. That means expensive repairs for modifications that remain undisclosed on application will have to be privately covered by the driver. Not declaring your modifications can even sometimes lead to invalidation of your insurance.

Your policy should be just as specific as your vehicle – all of its modifications should be listed and covered in your protection to ensure adequate cover.

Modifications often alter the market value of your vehicle, and so being insured is essential to helping limit personal expense if misfortune strikes and your vehicle requires repair.

What Kinds of Modifications Affect Insurance?

Simply, a modification can be defined as anything that changes the look or performance of your vehicle, especially since it left the dealership. And, though varied, this could be anything from custom speaker kits, to converted kitchens in campers.

Modifications might include the safety features on your vehicle (such as parking sensors, or the alarm system). Safety additions, however, shouldn’t increase the value of your policy, because your vehicle is more secure against burglary or theft.

Conversions, Renovations, and More

This might affect how you use your van, or vehicle. If you’re planning on converting your camper for longer journeys and holidays, for example, you will need to declare this to the insurer. Anything from major cosmetic changes to furniture installations will need covering in your policy.

Will Modifications Affect the Price of a Policy’s Premium?

Modifications could improve the market value, either by tweaking performance, or by adding value through cosmetics. Typically, your premiums will reflect the true value of your vehicle to the market, so that a policy will protect any replacement or repairs to modified parts of your vehicle.

Cover Your Modified Campervan or Car

Fortunately, as one of the UK’s leading specialist VW insurance providers, we offer quality modified camper or car insurance policies at very low prices. We have a wide-ranging and in-depth knowledge of the modified scene. Below are a few examples of the modifications we cover in our policies:

  • Complete body kit
  • Fibre glass panels
  • Rear spoiler
  • Suspension changes
  • Non-standard paintwork
  • Flared wheel arches
  • Nitrous oxide kit
  • Turbocharging
  • Non-standard alloy wheels
  • Non-standard engine replacements

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