Breakdown Cover

Campervan and Car Breakdown Cover

The cost of not having breakdown cover for your campervan or car can be huge, due to high towing costs and call out charges, which means that breakdown insurance is almost a necessity for every driver.

Why Breakdown Cover for Campervans and Cars is Important

Choosing the best campervan and car breakdown cover will depend on how often you use your camper or car, and what you use your vehicle for. While it’s not a legal requirement to have breakdown cover for campervans and cars, not having it could be the end of your travels, so it’s well worth it. Starting from just £79.00 annually, our campervan and car breakdown cover will provide you with peace of mind.

Benefits of Campervan and Car Breakdown Cover by Just Kampers Insurance

  1. Experienced and knowledgeable experts on the phone when you need them
  2. Covering all kinds of campervans including, classic, new, modified and self-build
  3. UK and European Roadside Assistance is available along with our Home-Start Service from just £90.00
  4. The same cover levels at the AA and RAC will cost you double the money!

Breakdown cover will usually pay for itself the first time you need it, as motorway towing charges can be £150.00, the average garage call-out charge is £90.00 and the average call-out for a flat battery is £66.00

Breakdown Cover for Cars & Vans

We don’t just provide campervan breakdown cover. We also cover your cars, starting from just £25.50 for cars and £42.00 for vans annually.

Our breakdown cover offers peace of mind at a competitive price.

If you’re unsure as to whether we can cover your car, call us on 01256 444546 to discuss.

Why Choose Just Kampers Insurance as Your Breakdown Provider?

  1. All campervans come with home-start included as standard with their breakdown cover.
  2. UK and European Roadside Assistance and Home-Start cover from just £42.00 for cars, £47.00 for vans and £90.00 for campervans annually.
  3. Entry-level cover from £25.50 for cars, £42.00 for vans and £79 for campervans.
  4. No call-out excess to pay.
  5. Maximum of 6 call-outs in any single period of insurance, something no other major competitor offers for the same price.

Just Kampers Insurance is the perfect partner for your campervan insurance. Just Kampers Insurance has a long history of arranging cover policies with the VW enthusiast in mind. For 20 years, we have been providing tailored insurance for classic VWs and daily drivers alike. We’ve taken our knowledge and passion for VW campervans and applied it to breakdown cover to ensure that you are protected.


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Campervan and Car Breakdown Cover FAQs

Do you offer self-build campervan breakdown cover?

We know how important your self-build campervan is to you, and how much time you’ve invested into it. We can arrange breakdown cover for your self-build campervan and we will work with you to get the best cover possible.

Do you only provide breakdown cover for VW campervans?

While VW campervans are how we got our start at Just Kampers Insurance, we’re experts at arranging breakdown cover for daily drivers.  


Am I covered if I go to Europe?

If you’ve bought our European Breakdown policy, then you’re covered to travel in Europe. It starts from just £90.00 for campervans, and £42.00 for cars. The same level of cover at the RAC or AA is over double the price!