Classic VW Insurance

Get cover for a range of classic VWs from one of the UK’s leading VW insurers.

Prices start from just


A year, with an option to spread the cost too.

With 20 years’ experience providing classic VW insurance, Just Kampers Insurance has a long history of offering specialist insurance and cover with tailored policies for classic car drivers. For the classic car enthusiast, you can secure a policy that’s competitively priced and takes care of your vehicle down to its details. As a specialist VW insurer, we’ve been helping drivers access classic VW insurance with policies that add meaningful value.

Restoring a classic vehicle is no easy feat. We understand that your classic receives a lot of your care and attention. Whether you’re an occasional driver, or a seasoned traveller, you can access a tailored policy that suits your needs and takes care of your beloved car. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with your classic car cover.

We offer specialist insurance for a range of classic vehicles. Whether you drive a classic VW Golf (Golf GTI, MK1 Golf, MK2 Golf), Karmann Ghia, VW Type 3, VW Type 34 or VW Type 181, we can help get you covered.

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Classic VW insurance specialists

Just Kampers Insurance has been helping the UK discover specialist insurance for all kinds of classic cars. Yet, in our 20 years, we have become distinguished as a leading expert on classic Volkswagen vehicles. As a provider of classic VW insurance, we can tailor policies for a range of models and makes.

Classic Beetle Insurance

Classic Golf Insurance

Classic Aircooled VW Insurance

Modified Classic VW insurance

As one of the UK’s specialists in insurance for modified classic VWs, our policies can be tailored to protect your pride and joy’s many upgrades or restorations. Your classic VW may include modifications that traditional policies won’t cover. Yet, with our classic VW insurance, you can protect the value of your full investment.

Our policies cover all manner of modifications, from engine mods and suspension changes to non-standard paintwork and beyond.

Switch providers in moments…

Get fussy about your policy certificate – getting under the hood of your classic VW insurance means demanding real value from your protection. If you’re thinking about switching provider, we can help manage that journey. Find out more by getting in touch with one of our experts today.

Why compromise on insuring your precious vehicle when we'll give you £50* if we are not the cheapest.

Why compromise on insuring your precious vehicle when we'll give you £50* if we are not the cheapest.

*£50 supplied as Just Kampers Gift Voucher. Terms & Conditions apply.

Advantages of Choosing Just Kampers Insurance for Classic VW Insurance

Agreed value for classic VWs

With an Agreed Value benefit, you can access even more mileage from your policy by securing and protecting your VW’ true value if misfortune strikes. For enthusiasts, restoring, rebuilding, and upgrading your classic car is a passion project. Don’t let the market value, which may not accurately reflect your car’s worth, undermine the power of its protection. This is especially important for drivers of classic VWs, as your car, after its various mods and builds, will likely climb in value. A tailored policy with an Agreed Value can offer a greater, more freeing, sense of security and protection.

Membership to a World of VW enthusiasts

Exclusive to our classic VW insurance policy holders, you will receive a further benefit of a discount with your membership to JK World and its shopping experiences. For classic VW owners, you can browse, discover and shop with a 10% discount applicable on orders placed throughout your policy. A valuable companion to your classic VW insurance, you can get even more value from our parts, accessories, manuals, and forums.

Members access

A policy with Just Kampers unlocks a universe of opportunity to connect with likeminded VW owners and capture exclusive deals. There are over 6500+ parts and accessories via

Comprehensive breakdown cover – UK & Europe

Popular for those on the move – our breakdown cover can feel essential for that added reassurance that help following a breakdown is only a phone call away. Annual prices start from £89, keeping your classic VW on the road. Included in our breakdown cover, we offer roadside assistance and recovery for the UK and Europe with unlimited and free callouts.

Contents and modification cover

Not all policies are created equal. With our added contents cover, you can keep everything inside your VW protected too. This will protect items up to £2000 in the event of theft or fire. Any damaged or stolen contents will be replaced or settled in cash (subject to policy).

Pamper Your Camper With a Tailored Policy

We offer insurance policies that take the little things into account. You’ll get access to the standard perks of an insurance certificate, but with a few handy extras. Feel confident with cover that helps you go the extra mile.

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Price Promise

Why compromise on insuring your precious vehicle when we’ll give you a £50 gift voucher if we are not the cheapest?**

** Terms & Conditions apply.

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JK Parts Discount

Insure your vehicle with us and we’ll give you a 10% discount on parts & accessories for every order* you place with us for the duration of your policy.

*Exclusions Apply

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Limited Mileage Discount

Our limited mileage discounts can reduce premiums by up to 50% due to the lower risk these represent!

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Classic VW Insurance FAQs

How much is classic car insurance?

The exact costs of every policy will vary depending on its make and model. If you’re on the market for classic VW insurance, you’ll need our expert advice for a fuller picture. No two policies are the same either. Instead, each policy will be tailored to your specific circumstances and the details of your car.

Typically, your premium will be influenced by a number of factors, including the specific make and model of your classic VW. A quote for classic VW insurance will also capture the modifications, mileage, and history of your vehicle.

What classic VWs do you cover?
  • VW Golf Classic
  • VW Golf Classic
  • Golf GTI
  • MK1 Golf
  • MK2 Golf
  • Karmann Gia
  • VW Type 3
  • VW Type 34
  • VW Type 181
How do Agreed Value policies work?

In order for Agreed Value policies to go ahead and a valuation to be approved, we need several photographs and receipts for parts / labour. This gives us the evidence we need of any upgrades and restorations that have been applied to your Classic Car. We will then review these and send you an Agreed Value certificate.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer owner’s club discounts, discounts for limited mileage, and discounts for after-market security applied to your vehicle.