Classic campervan insurance

Get the best camper cover with the UK’s only campervan insurance specialists.

Prices start from just


A year, with an option to spread the cost too.

Why choose JKI for your classic camper?

Just Kampers Insurance have been providing competitive campervan insurance for over 20 years. As the UK’s only campervan insurance specialists, you can be assured we’ll find the best policy available to protect your classic camper.

All of our policies are tailored to your individual needs, meaning you can use your camper exactly as you please. Whether you’re seeking a limited mileage policy or a policy that lets you drive your camper on a grand adventure around Europe, we can help.

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Volkswagen camper specialists

Though we provide insurance for all types of campervan, Just Kampers Insurance are well-recognised for being Volkswagen insurance specialists. We have years of knowledge and expertise under our belts, allowing us to get the best value deal on your insurance. We can arrange cover for Classic VW campers including:

VW Split Window Insurance

VW Bay Window Insurance

VW T25 / T3 Insurance

Modified Classic Camper Insurance

Owners of Classic VW campers are often known to enjoy modifying their vehicles. While this is a fun and rewarding hobby, it can cause difficulties when it comes to finding suitable insurance. Thankfully, at Just Kampers Insurance, we appreciate the art of VW modifications, and are equipped to offer you the right insurance policy at the right price.

Instead of compromising on price or quality of cover, as you might need to with another insurer, come straight to Just Kampers Insurance. As VW specialists, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to understand your needs as a modified Classic VW Camper owner. We cover most VW Camper modifications for example:

  • Engine performance modifications
  • Suspension modifications / Air-ride
  • Fitting of later / more powerful engines
  •  Non-standard alloy wheels
  • Non-standard paintwork
  • Interior modifications
  • Camper conversions
  •  Non-standard replacement engines

Pamper Your Classic VW Camper With a Tailored Policy

We offer insurance policies that take the little things into account. You’ll get access to the standard perks of an insurance certificate, but with a few handy extras. Feel confident with cover that helps you go the extra mile.

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Get an online quote in minutes or call us
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Price Promise

Why compromise on insuring your precious vehicle when we’ll give you a £50 gift voucher if we are not the cheapest?**

** Terms & Conditions apply.

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Limited Mileage Discount

Our limited mileage discounts can reduce premiums by up to 50% due to the lower risk these represent!

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Just Kampers Insurance - Agreed Value

Agreed Value

It is important to consider an agreed valuation for your campervan, as in some cases, with a recent restoration or upgrade, the listed market value may not reflect the true value that could be reached if you were to sell the vehicle.

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Just Kampers Insurance - Contents Cover

Contents Cover

Contents cover insures you for up to £2000 worth of cover during the insurance period, so you know your belongings are protected.

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Just Kampers Insurance - Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Cover

The cost of not having breakdown cover can be huge due to the high towing costs and call out charges which mean breakdown insurance is almost a necessity.

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Classic Campervan Insurance FAQs

What is a classic campervan?

There’s no firm rule, but at Just Kampers Insurance we tend to classify a VW campervan as a classic if the engine is in the rear. This means that the VW T2 Splitscreen, VW T2 Bay, and VW T25 would fall under the classic campervan categories.

Luckily, we’re able to provide bespoke vehicle insurance to classic campers or modern ones, as well as daily drivers and a whole host of other vehicles, so no matter what camper you’ve got, or when it was built, you’ll be able to find affordable insurance policies with Just Kampers Insurance.

What are the differences between classic and modern campervan insurance?
  • Classic campervan insurance policies from Just Kampers Insurance take into account the age, value, and mileage of your camper and are tailored to provide you with great cover at a really affordable price.

    We’ve been offering bespoke vehicle insurance quotes since 1998, so we understand that no two campers are the same, and that a classic campervan will be treated different to a modern one.

    We understand that your classic camper is likely to be driven less and pampered more than a modern camper might, and these differences are considered when finding you campervan insurance quotes.

Why do I need classic campervan insurance?

It’s incredibly important to keep your classic camper insured, for legal reasons as well as to make sure it’s protected in case something happens to it.

 Classic campervan insurance policies from Just Kampers Insurance include Salvage Retention, which gives you the option to retain your vehicle should the worst happen, as well as Limited Mileage Discounts which can reduce your policy’s premium by up to 50%!

How much is classic campervan insurance?

Prices for classic camper insurance start from just £135 with Just Kampers Insurance. Prices will vary, but it’s definitely worth getting a quote from us when you’re looking to get your classic campervan insured.

If Just Kampers Insurance can’t beat your like-for-like vehicle insurance quote, we’ll send you a £50 Just Kampers gift voucher, so it’s a win-win: you either get a great deal on your camper’s insurance, or you get £50 to spend on parts and accessories for it at!