Classic VW Beetle Insurance

Get the best VW Beetle cover from the VW insurance specialists.

The VW Beetle is an iconic vehicle that first went on the road in the 1940s. Since then it’s gained a huge following as a classic car, and has been associated with everything from post office delivery vehicles in Germany to taxis in Mexico. It’s important to get the right cover for your pride and joy, whether you want to use it as a daily driver, for weekend trips, or just to take to the occasional Volkswagen show. We offer policies to suit all needs and budgets, from fully comprehensive through to third party fire and theft. We can also offer temporary insurance, which might be the cheaper option for those who only use their VW Beetle every so often.

Whether you have a modern or a classic Beetle, a mint condition vehicle, or a modified VW Beetle like the BAJA bug, Just Kampers Insurance can help. We are experts in Volkswagens, and understand that you might have specific needs – especially when it comes to modifications. Get in touch today for a quote.

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Insure your vehicle with us and save 10% on parts and accessories* at Just Kampers.

Insure your vehicle with us and save 10% on parts and accessories* at Just Kampers.

*See T&C’s for more information.

Volkswagen Beetle 1945 to 2003 Insurance

Whether your VW Beetle is still in its original form, or it has become a replica of another dream car like a Porsche 550 Spyder, a Beach Buggy, or Porsche 356 Cabrio, we can arrange the right policy for you.
We offer genuine value for money, including a 10% discount at our sister company,, on parts and accessories. We cover the following models:

  • Modified aircooled Volkswagen kit car
  • VW Beetle saloon 1945 to 2003
  • VW Karmann Beetle convertible 1949 to 1980

Modified VW Beetle Insurance

Finding an affordable, good level of cover for your modified VW Beetle can be a challenge. Thankfully, the experts at Just Kampers Insurance understand this, and know how to put together the right policy that allows for a range of different VW modifications. That means you don’t need to compromise on price or quality. We cover most VW Beetle modifications  for example :

  • Complete Body Kits
  • Fibre glass panels
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Suspension changes
  • Alloy wheels
  • Non-standard paintwork
  • Flared wheel arches
  • Nitrous oxide kit
  • Turbocharging
  • Non-standard engine replacements

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Campervan Insurance?

Many young drivers search for and successfully arrange campervan insurance, whether they’re 18, 21, or 25. Finding campervan insurance can be easy, depending on an insurer’s terms and conditions, including any age restrictions (in which case applications may be impacted the experience of the driver). Those under 25 should be able to arrange cover online with a simple quote submission, like you would for a standard car policy.

The challenge, however, is finding a competitively priced policy that doesn’t break the bank – which is where Just Kampers Insurance can help.

What’s Included in Under 25 Policies?

Like any other age group, Under 25 insurance will offer protection for the same risks, but this will depend on the level of cover you choose. At Just Kampers Insurance, we pride ourselves on offering policies that look after the little details. This means, as a standard certificate holder, you’ll get all the perks of our insurance, but with a few extras.

Standard Benefits

  • Unbeatable Price Promise
  • 10% shop discount
  • Limited Mileage Discount
  • Modification Cover
  • EU Driving Cover
  • Salvage Retention
  • Legal Protection
  • Personal Protection
  • Quick Switch

Optional Benefits

  • Agreed value
  • Contents Cover
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Mis-fuelling Assistance
  • Excess Protection
  • Spare Parts Cover
  • Personal Effects Cover
  • Replacement Car
  • Key Care

Younger Driver Policy Exclusions

Any exclusions will define ‘events’ that are not covered under your policy, which should be outlined under your policy documents. As every policy is different, you should carefully read what’s included in yours, understanding any gaps in your coverage.

Breakdown Cover for Younger Drivers

We can arrange short term or annual breakdown cover, whether you’re in the UK or travelling in mainland Europe.

What Types of Non-Standard Vehicles Can I Get Covered to Drive?

If you’re looking to secure insurance for a vehicle other than a daily driver, or a standard car, then it’s a good idea to get in touch with our team to find out if your vehicle is eligible for cover.

Generally, we cover the following vehicles for Under 25s:

✔ Classic Campervans
✔ Modern Campervans
✔ Self-Build Campervans
✔ Motorhomes

Just Kampers Insurance - Agreed Value

Agreed Value

It is important to consider an agreed valuation for your campervan, as in some cases, with a recent restoration or upgrade, the listed market value may not reflect the true value that could be reached if you were to sell the vehicle.

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Just Kampers Insurance - Contents Cover

Contents Cover

Contents cover insures you for up to £2000 worth of cover during the insurance period, so you know your belongings are protected.

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Just Kampers Insurance - Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Cover

The cost of not having breakdown cover can be huge due to the high towing costs and call out charges which mean breakdown insurance is almost a necessity.

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VW Beetle Insurance FAQs

Why do I need an Agreed Value policy from Just Kampers Insurance?

Agreed Value policies help you to secure the value of your vehicle, rather than take the risk that your pay out might be lower than expected in the event of a claim. Should your Beetle be involved in an incident that leads to expensive repairs, it’s declared a write-off, or it gets lost or stolen, you could be in for a nasty surprise upon payment if you haven’t arranged an Agreed Value policy.

Such a policy might also be preferred if you intend to make modifications or carry out restoration works on your VW Beetle. In this case, you’ll want your policy to reflect the true value of the car if it were to be sold, rather than the listed market price at that time.

Free Legal Protection?

All our policies come with legal protection automatically. This includes up to £100,000 to cover repairs, hire costs, and legal advice if you are involved in an incident in the UK and Europe that wasn’t your fault. It also affords you extra assistance for claiming for losses not covered by your existing insurance, and for injuries incurred by yourself or your passengers.

What types of VW Beetle do you cover?

As VW specialists, we cover a wide range of VW cars, vans, and campers. We provide insurance policies for all the following Beetles:

  • Type 1 (T1)
  • Super Beetle
  • Bug
  • Kafer
  • Salon