VW Type 3 Notchback Insurance

In 1961 the Notchback went on sale worldwide, generating huge interest and paving the way for the incredibly popular Type 34 Ghia, which used the Type 3’s bodypan. VW then launched the Type 3 Variant (or Squareback in the US) in 1962, which was marketed as a highly practical family car, and a mix between the Beetle and the Bus. 1962 was the same year that it designed and then scrapped a convertible version of the Notchback.

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Features of our Type 3 insurance

Just as you’d expect from VW experts, we’ve worked long and hard to find policies that suit the exacting needs of Type 3 owners - from agreed value for classic cars, to 90 days cover for driving in Europe.

VW Karmann Ghia policy features can include:

  • Optional agreed value cover
  • 90-day European green card
  • Like-for-like cover for modifications
  • Insurance for in-car entertainment systems
  • Left hand drive insurance
  • Free £100,000 legal cover
  • Salvage retention following an accident
  • plus much more!

What discounts are available?

On top of the great list of benefits available on our Type 3 insurance policies, there are also plenty of discounts for customers to take advantage of. Just some of the available discounts include:

  • Owner’s Club Discounts – we offer up to 20% discounts for members of owner’s clubs and forums
  • Second Car Policies – take out multiple car policies with us to receive cheaper premiums on each
  • Security Precautions – have you added after-market security measures to your Type 3? Let us know and you could save
  • Limited Mileage Discounts – by sticking to a lower annual mileage, you could get cheaper insurance premiums

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