How Much Is a Campervan to Insure?

15 June 2022

So, you’ve bought a campervan, or you’re considering buying one. You’re researching and want to know how much a campervan could cost you to insure.

Well, here you go:

The average cost to insure a campervan in the UK is £377, according to Just Kampers Insurance (as of February 2022). Different factors such as the age, size, and mileage, as well as any customisations, will affect the overall price of a policy. This average doesn’t include optional add-ons such as breakdown cover, key cover and more.

Why is Campervan Insurance Different?

Campervan insurance doesn’t just cover you for your driving, it also covers things that you may get in a home insurance policy such as greater contents cover and personal effects.

Campervan insurance is designed specifically for a campervan, which makes it better suited for this type of vehicle, and ensures you’ll be properly reimbursed in the case of a collision.

A VW Split Screen Campervan on a single track road

What Factors Affect Campervan Insurance?

From the size of your campervan to where you store it when you’re not using it, a huge variety of factors can affect the cost of campervan insurance.

The Value of Your Campervan

For those who’ve got a new campervan or are looking to insure their beloved classic, the value of your campervan will greatly affect the cost of your insurance, especially for rare, classic or imported models.

When you look to renew or insure for the first time, you’ll be asked the current retail value of your campervan. Some insurers will use a lookup such as AutoTrader or a similar system to look at the approximate market value of your campervan.

However, for those who want to ensure that the value of their campervan is protected in the case of an accident or similar, investigating agreed value can help to appease any nerves about not getting the correct value of your campervan.

Why do insurers look at the value of a campervan?

The value of your campervan will affect how much an insurer would have to pay out in the case of a collision and total write off. The greater the value, the more your insurance will cost.

Age of your Campervan

The age of your campervan is another important factor that can affect the cost of your insurance. While a classic campervan would be expected to have a lower value, certain models and ages, especially when it comes to campervans, gain more value over time and therefore insurance will reflect the increased value.

The Make and Model of Your Campervan

Whether you’re a VW purist or much prefer your converted panel van, the make and model of your campervan, when combined with other factors listed here, can affect the price of insurance. For example, a 30-year-old Ford Transit with very little resale value will cost less to insure than a classic 30-year-old VW campervan that is considered rare on the market.

The make and model of your campervan can also affect insurance costs if it’s one that is harder to source parts or panels for. A Japanese import Mazda Bongo, for example, may cost more than a VW T4 of the same age, as parts would have to be sourced from overseas markets rather than being readily available in the UK.

Aftermarket Work (Such as Conversions)

If you’ve done any kind of modification on your campervan, this can increase the cost of your insurance. Whether it’s increasing the tyre size from the factory standard to even changing the paint colour, any modification or aftermarket work, aside from replacing parts as like-for-like as possible, can incur extra costs.

Why do insurers look at any aftermarket work on a campervan?

As well as knowing what the difference from any factory specifications is, the cost of some aftermarket work can increase the value and cost of sourcing replacement parts.

Drivers and Use Type

Policy costs will also be determined by the age of each driver applying, their claims history, and any No-Claims Discounts. Young drivers, especially those under 25, will often see a premium increase, and those driving in high-risk areas, or at peak times, will also typically see higher costs on premiums.

This applies across all insurance policy types, regardless of vehicle type. Your perceived risk level does not change, and insurance policies are essentially risk assessments.

Storage Location

Whether you park your campervan in a specific campervan storage park, in a secured garage at your home, or on the street nearby, these factors all contribute to your overall insurance cost.

When requesting an insurance quote, you’ll be asked about your storage location, and potentially also about your winter storage if you don’t drive year-round. For those with classic campervans, winter is often a time to work on your pride and joy, so you may want to specify this at the point of requesting a quote.

A VW T2 Bay Window parked outside a shop

Why do insurers look at the storage location of a campervan?

Depending on where you store a campervan will affect the risk. For example, parked on a street will increase the risk of damage, but could lower the risk of theft. Or a car parked in a shared garage will be very secure, but may be more likely for the occasional scrape.

Campervan Size

For VW campers, size isn’t as much of a factor as they are all considered to be a smaller campervan. But for those with large American-style RVs, the size of your campervan (classified as a motorhome) will affect the costs of your premiums.

You’re at greater risk from scrapes, there’s more space to hold valuable contents, and less interior space to need to carry out repairs in. However, for most campervans found on UK roads, you’ll find little difference in the cost.

What About Insurance Optional Benefits?

When you go to take out a policy of any kind, there’s always optional benefits on offer. Whether you want breakdown included in your insurance policy, or want to add key cover, each optional benefit will cost more, but can add peace of mind.

Some optional benefits might not apply to you. Some camper owners, especially those with classic or highly modified campervans, will want agreed value – this is where the pay out after an accident is to the sum of a value agreed upon prior to a policy being taken out.

Agreed value

Agreed value is only really for those with highly modified campervans or classic campervans. As the estimated insurance value is often lower than the market resale value of modified cars and campervans, an agreed value policy will take into account photos, invoices of work done or a valuation from an independent expert to come to a fixed value of the camper, should it be sold.

This value is then used for a sum assured or amount payable in the event of a partial or total write off.

Estimated additional cost:  Agreed Value – From £40

Contents cover

Much like home insurance, contents cover for campervans ensures that any belongings, including fixed items such as cookers and tables, are covered in case of theft, loss or fire.

Just Kampers Insurance insure up to a value of £2000, for a variety of contents depending on policy selection.

Estimated additional cost: ​Contents Cover – £26

A Campervan under the nights sky

Breakdown cover:

For those with older VW’s, you’ll know the trials of having a campervan that regularly breaks down, and the stress it can bring, especially if you’re on holiday in all far-flung corners of the UK.

While there’s no legal requirement to have breakdown cover, it’s one of the best things that any campervan or car driver can take out, as it will protect you in case of the worst.

The cost as an addition to your policy shouldn’t be too much more, and can often be cheaper than buying separately, such as with the RAC or AA. Similarly, EU cover for campervans can often be extortionate when going separately. This is due to the distance driven to come and provide assistance.

Take a look below.

Data correct as of March 2022

Entry-level cover from Just Kampers Insurance Average RAC Cost (Entry Level)
Cars Starting from £25.50 Starting from £95.00
Vans Starting from £42.00 Starting from £125.00
Campervans Starting from £149.99 Starting from £149.99
UK and European Roadside Assistance and Home-Start cover from JKI RAC Equivalent Policy
Cars Starting from £42.00 Starting from £195, plus an additional cost depending on European Country
Vans Starting from £47.00 Starting from £217 (business use)
Campervans Starting from £90.00 Starting from £245.99

Windscreen cover

A cracked or chipped windscreen can lead to a failed MOT if it obstructs the driver’s eyeline or is greater than the size of a pound coin. Getting any chips repaired or windscreens replaced quickly is essential to ensure the safety and legality of your windscreen.

Windscreen cover is often one of the cheaper additions, but can be one of the best to add, as costs without insurance can skyrocket.

For example, a single chip repair from Autoglass costs £198.71 inc. VAT (as of March 2022) but an annual windscreen policy from Just Kampers Insurance costs £13.99.

Misfuelling assistance

If you accidentally misfuel your car or campervan, you’ll be stuck on the forecourt or nearby, and long-term engine damage can occur if not treated quickly.

Misfuelling assistance add-ons will include removing contaminated fuel and flushing the engine through, whether roadside or at a specialist garage. Some policies will also include a set amount to refuel.

The additional cost on your insurance is often minimal, but without this level of cover, your costs can be reaching into the tens of thousands to repair the engine damage.

Excess Protection

Excess protection means that in the case of no responsible third party, your insurer will pay back the cost of the excess listed on your policy. Excess protection can make claiming for issues less of a concern.

Estimated additional cost: Excess Protect – From £34.99

Spare Parts Cover

If you have parts stocked up in case of breakdown or are about to do some renovations on your campervan, then the loss of these parts can prove expensive, especially for classic or modified vehicles.

Adding spare parts cover to an insurance policy means that in the case of loss or damage, you can claim back some of the costs. Cover often only applies when any parts are kept inside your locked garage or, at the time of the loss, were temporarily housed inside a locked motor vehicle but not attached or fitted to the motor vehicle.

Estimated additional cost: £12.99

Replacement Car Cover

If you’re in the process of making a claim, whether your car has been stolen, left un-recovered, written off or otherwise undriveable after an accident, then having a replacement car add-on can reduce the stress post-accident.

Some insurers, often on their premium policies, will roll this into your annual cost, but others will make this an add-on.

Estimated additional cost: From £29.99

Key Cover

If you’re prone to losing keys or have lost them before and know how hard it can be to find the spares, then key cover is often a preferred add-on.

Key cover will often cover all keys attached to a fob, and some insurers will also provide recovery in the instance of loss leading to not being able to get home.

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Written by: Jason Sims

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