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What Can We Do To Help You With Your Vehicle Insurance Today?

Just Kampers are a leading supplier of parts and accessories for VW campers & Beetles. We have recently celebrated our 25th Birthday, and now deliver parts to almost every country in the world. We take pride in providing quality parts, delivered with exceptional service and quality advice, and our insurance services are no different.

With the increasing popularity of online Insurance Aggregators, we noticed that many of these companies could not provide an online-quote for our beloved VWs, nor the tailored service that our cherished vehicles deserve. With this in mind, we decided to establish Just Kampers Insurance with the aim to provide the best insurance cover possible for classic VWs at an affordable price, and you can even get a quote on-line in just a few minutes.

What Does a Just Kampers Insurance Policy Include?

We aim to provide the best insurance for your classic VW at an affordable price. Below are some of the benefits and features that keep customers coming back time and time again;

  • Agreed Value (Optional)*
  • Contents Cover up to £2000*
  • Salvage Retention Rights*
  • Legal Cover up to £100,000*
  • Discounts for Members of Enthusiast Clubs*

The listed market value for many classic vehicles may not truly reflect the value of your vehicle if you were to sell it. That’s why agreed valuations are so important for many of our customers. If you were to have an accident and your vehicle was a total loss, then any offer will be based upon the agreed value rather than the current market value. From only £15 you could have an agreed valuation certificate issued for your vehicle so should the worse happen, you know exactly what to expect.

We know your camper is a home away from home, and that’s why we include contents cover up to £2000. So not only is your vehicle is protected but your personal affects are too.

Every policy we provide includes Free Legal Cover up to £100,000 which covers you and the costs which could be incurred by you following an accident which is not your fault. Our legal cover includes;

  • Up to £100,000 of cover to include hire/repair and legal expenses following accidents occurring in the UK or Europe
  • Legal advice and assistance to help you pursue a claim for losses not already covered by existing insurance
  • Help to claim compensation for injury or losses for you and any passengers.
  • A like for like replacement vehicle wherever possible to help you stay mobile (and the option of having your repairs organized and funded) if the accident occurred in the UK and wasn't your fault
  • A range of useful help lines

* Subject to policy selection

So What Are You Waiting For?

Get a quote from Just Kampers Insurance in just a few minutes by filling out the online quotation form or speaking to one of our advisors (We’ll even call you at a time that suits you). And that’s not all. If you get a better quote from anybody else, and we can't beat it, then we will give you a £50 voucher.

* £50 back scheme only available on ‘Like for Like Quotes’. £50 is paid out as Just Kampers Gift Card. Please speak to one of advisors if you wish to have Agreed Value added to your policy. Some policy features are dependant upon the insurance scheme you select.